Working together to create a cleaner, healthier, more equitable city.

Southern Sector Rising is an environmental justice nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas. We aim to offer marginalized residents health equity by ending decades of racist zoning, forcing industrial polluters out of Black and Brown neighborhoods, and by more evenly distributing the pollution burdens of our city.

(Allison V. Smith/The Washington Post)

Together, we can move mountains. Literally.

We were originally founded as a part of a movement to remove Shingle Mountain, an illegal dump in Southern Dallas neighborhood called Floral Farms with over 180,000 tons of asphalt shingles that was adversely impacting neighbors’ health.

Thanks to years of advocacy, it’s since been removed, but there’s still work to be done. Find out what’s going on in Floral Farms these days.

Ongoing projects

We predominately serve neighborhoods south of I-30 in Dallas, but our work can take us all over the city. Find out about our program work in Southeast Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and more.

We’re there for your community.

No matter where you live in the city, the fight for environmental justice involves everyone. Whether you’re a frontline community member, a professional with services to offer, or are looking for volunteer opportunities, we want to work with you.

Our Philosophy

There are no single-issue struggles, because we don’t live single-issue lives.

Audre Lorde