Our Campaigns

Clean-Up Shingle Mountain

Shingle Mountain is the spark that gave Southern Sector Rising Life. The abandoned baby of Blue Star Recycling, it is the largest illegal dumpsite in the city and made of 100,000 pounds of hazardous material. The mountain of contaminants sits close enough to residential homes to make those living beside it cough up black phlegm. Horses in the surrounding community have died, and residents have developed breathing issues that require routine pulmonologist visits.

Create a Joppa Environmental Preservation District

Joppa is a freedmen’s town founded by former slaves and still inhabited today by mostly Black and Brown residents. It’s surrounded by industrial plants and has the highest per capita pollution of any community in Dallas. To change that requires new land use planning and anti-pollution policies. This new district could serve as a model for other similarly impacted neighborhoods.

Since its March 2019 news conference Southern Sector has worked to pass Dallas’ first Environmental Justice agenda

Equity Provision in Economic Development Policy

Right now the heaviest pollution burdens in Dallas are borne by those living in predominantly Black and Brown neighborhoods in Southern Dallas and along the Trinity River floodplain. Obsolete racist zoning confines most industrial polluters to those areas. An equity provision in the City’s new Economic Development Policy would make it much harder for the City to keep directing the worst polluters to neighborhoods already saturated with them and level the city’s pollution burdens. In the meantime the City Council should declare a moratorium on the siting of any new polluters in Southern Dallas.

Restoration of the

Environmental Health Commission

A former City Manager abolished this important official tool for investigating environmental health issues when she was negotiating illegal gas drilling deals. It’s time to bring it back. Born out of the hard-fought environmental justice lead smelter fights of the 1970’s and 80’s in East Oak Cliff and West Dallas, the Commission was established by the Council to promote “an environment where the health and well being of the citizens of Dallas are of paramount importance…” No other City commission, board or department has ever been created the same way or been given the same charge.